Zumbido En El Oído | Cómo Disminuir El Malestar De Tinnitus http://ZumbidosEnLosOidos.Blogspot.Com/ El Tinnitus es un sonido agudo en los oídos, …

http://t-gone.com/tinnitus/ Tinnitus can be caused by anxiety, panic attacks, traumatic live events and long continued stressful situations in your life. Obv…

4 Responses to Zumbido En El Oído | Cómo Disminuir El Malestar De Tinnitus

  • Sonia Bazan says:

    excelente ayuda me han servido mucho sus concejos ya que desde hace dos
    meses tengo este problema en mis oidos quisiera que me sigan dando mas
    informacion sobre dicho tema gracias

  • Alejandro Guerrero says:

    I think mine is from my general anxiety disorder… i however do not have
    much anxiety anymore except for anxiety because of tinnitus.. i had a
    couple of bad anxiety attacks one days snd a few hours later i got ringing
    in my ear… it was loud first week but 2nd week it got much better… not
    so loud anymore its 4rth week

  • deepak chaubey says:

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    Aubrey finally removed the Tinnitus with it.

  • Flare Flick says:

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