MicroTransponder Inc. is a medical device company spun out from the University of Texas at Dallas in 2007. The Company has an experienced team of …

11 Responses to Scientific Explanation of VNS Paired Stimulation for Tinnitus and Stroke Rehabilitation

  • RonnieJ5 says:

    Best of luck for all of you working hard on this. We’re all counting and
    praying for a cure (or at least i know i am).

  • Sjoerd Eggenkamp says:

    At 0:50: The signal that attention drives is the release of…..

    I cannot understand the next word! Anybody an idea?

  • Winterheart786 says:

    please share this with more people

  • Minoli De silva says:

    Hey! Have you tried – Pikay Amazing Tinnitus Treatment (just google it)?
    Ive heard some incredible things about it and my m8 got excellent benefits
    with it. 

  • jetskeeter69 says:

    I can’t go to sleep with the tinnitus I’m awake for like 6 hours at night

  • RKHRichie says:

    I so badly want this to work but will you be able to eliminate T in both
    ears? I am praying for a cure.

  • szamottttt says:

    This sounds promising, tinnitus is a really horrible thing, it would be
    great if someone would finally figure it out how get rid of it. Best luck

  • Chicago New Jack Swing Charles says:

    I didn’t hear any ringing. U probably have tinnitus. 😉 But hey that stuff
    he’s been talking about sounds promising. I hope they’ll be able to
    complete their work.

  • jetskeeter69 says:

    I’m deing from waiting for them to complete their work aurgh T-T I want my
    tinnitus to be gone and that’s that 🙁

  • Janzak says:

    I love how there’s a constant high-pitched ringing tone in the background
    of this video haha

  • xHzDxKING says:

    Wow…. you gotta love Neuroscience.


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