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4 Responses to Neuromodulatie: Hoop voor mensen met tinnitus

  • XanArt21 says:

    Dont trust this, Tinnitus requires a reset of your whole nervoussystem. My
    T was caused by constant screaming/clapping during a concert, since I have
    been listening videos where there is applauding/screaming my ears react to
    this and my tinnitus has gotten a lot less in a 6 months…I don’t know if
    this is the reason but I’m happy it’s just a faint hissing now…it used to
    be a loud electric screeching…

  • Luniz Rotterdam says:

    jaaaaaaaa fuck my brain. Te veel gefeest ja:( Ik word er gek van en niets
    aan te doen helaas.

  • David Devonski says:

    What if the sounds in my ear do not go away? Some people find their
    tinnitus doesn’t go away or it gets worse. In some cases it may become so
    sev Get cured of Tinnitus visit TINCURE.COM

  • therealb3yond says:

    als je toch wat geld aan kan verdienen kan je maar beter doen toch


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