My Tinnitus Struggle

A video blog detailing my struggle with tinnitus, a constant ringing in the ears. More info can be found at: and http://tinnitussupport92262.yuku…

Mr. Shatner speaks about his tinnitus and the work that the American Tinnitus Association is doing to reverse the condition for 50 million Americans. Please …
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40 Responses to My Tinnitus Struggle

  • GlitterPetite says:

    I as well have tinnutis. I have had it for 2 years now and it is getting
    even louder. Mine is a beathing in the ear instead

  • Nathaniel Teposo says:

    Mine is a high pitch ring but low volume, BTW thank for the vid. It helps a
    lot 🙂

  • PewZigZag says:

    When I get out of bed I don’t notice it much but when I’m in bed I notice
    it, Sometimes it get’s loud in the day time and night time for 5 seconds.
    I do not find the piece in this when I go to bed but I’m lucky it’s
    not that loud!

  • Ka Boom says:

    What amazes me about tinnitus is all the goddamn subhuman pieces of pig
    sh*t trying to scam people. Look at Youtube for example, all the scam
    videos on it. And forget the net, do one search and it’s endless, one scam
    after another. Your video is the first I seen that is straight up, thanks.

  • lastcall170 says:

    I dont understand why My tinnitus only acts up With sound and NOT absence
    of it.

  • boneawl says:

    lucky for yuo its just in your left ear. both ears 100% volume for me

  • Carol Raeburn says:

    oh dear… I am already feeling so frustrated and it is only 5 days since
    the ringing started when I was asleep and it woke me up. High pitch tone or
    sound like cricket, that does not seemed to go away unless I am outside
    with other noises to distract me. Seeing others who have been suffering for
    many years, I really do not know how I am going to get through it. It is
    already making me so miserable these couple of days that I cannot even do
    the things I love. Going to see an ENT specialist and hope with new
    technology it can help

  • TwirlBubble says:

    I just started about a month ago, and its buzzing in my ear right now, it
    stops my from concentrating and sleeping at night :(

  • Ka Boom says:

    The best and only way to get rid of tinnitus is to ignore it. I really
    learned how to do this in the past month and it really works, and I have it
    REALLY bad. Bad enough where I can hear it over a jackhammer. What you have
    to do is say “f*ck it” That’s all there is to it. Just accept it, the more
    you treat it like minor sh*t the more you will ignore it. I mean it could
    be worse, you could have cancer, or be blind or paralyzed. Tinnitus is
    little sh*t just say to hell with it, and you know what happens when you
    think like that? The brain ignores it. It took me a month to get like that
    now I barely notice it. Treat is like this mornings sh*t you flushed down
    the toilet, sorry for the curses but that is exactly how you have to see
    it. It is sh*t, crap, dog foo it’s nothing, 

  • Kehim Lusin says:

    This noise been goin for 4 days i think that in 7 days ill go to the doc

  • William Robathan says:

    The sound is there all the time. I think most if not all reported Tinnitus
    is just a consciousness that it is there. Those that are aware of that
    internal sound — usually high pitched or high frequency — tune it in and
    out. This internal sound is commonly used in meditation focusing
    techniques. Rather than fight or fear it, listen to it.

    Those that feel they suffer from it and fear it should know that meditation
    techniques focusing on it create a consciousness of depth and dimension and
    a seemingly louder sound. In fact, it might be a sort of auditory
    illusion. Regardless, the idea is immerse oneself consciously in it as a
    means of developing concentration skills. That sound is also used as a
    form of warning. One may suddenly be stimulated to hear it due to a
    stress. It’s advised to slow down, stop and listen to it if one suddenly
    becomes aware of it.

    This internal sound does not affect or block external hearing.

    The constant interior sound may be the same thing as the ringing which
    seems to result from loud noise or sound trauma. It might be that the
    trauma to the ear drums and nerves reduces external hearing capacity which
    makes it easier to hear that internal sound — which, again, is always

  • sailing95 says:

    Thanks for sharing your story. I’ve suffered since ’98. There’s no easy
    answers and successful “treatment” appears to be measured not by
    eliminating the tinnitus, but by improving our attitudes towards it. Not
    an easy life but we’re not alone. 

  • Green Apple says:

    Started hearing high pitched sound 3 days ago and I’m going nuts 🙁 

  • Baris Biltekin says:
  • AdrielC877 says:

    Does every ENT specialist have tinnitus?? Is it more common in healthcare
    professions?? I swear, every specialist I’ve seen has said they’ve had
    tinnitus since 19XX… I think this might be a lie to help suffering
    patients with the “no cure/treatment” prognosis. One thing that has
    happened as a result of my tinnitus is my loss of faith in doctors and

  • Chris Faulkner says:

    Fellow sufferer, just saw this. My ringing kept getting “louder” and it
    turned out that it was the pitch that was getting lower. Same bad effect,
    just different reason. Hard to acclimate when he keeps getting worse :(

  • Oz Boz says:

    Hey Hi 🙂
    Just wanted to back up what you said.
    I’m also a musician, frontman, and I play 11 instruments. Started playing
    in bands in 1968, mostly heavy rock and blues bands, and of course
    EVERYBODY was loud. I’d come off stage with ringing ears but it would be
    gone after a day or so.
    Back in the 60’s there was no info that any of us were really aware of, and
    nobody thought about wearing ear plugs or anything like that, so we just
    hammered on regardless as you do when you’re young.
    In 1985, still playing bands, I contracted the mother of all colds, it was
    a shocker with the headache from hell. It only lasted a few days, but
    that’s when my Tinnitus started. The music probably didn’t help, but it was
    the cold that caused it. The ringing in one ear was a nightmare, but 6
    months later I woke up one morning, and it was completely gone !!!.
    In 1999, I was fronting a very loud rock band, and after one major gig came
    off stage with ringing ears of course, but this time it didn’t clear up. It
    wasn’t overly bad, but it was there. Then the double whammy’s lol.
    That same year I was on a long haul flight from London to Australia. By the
    time I got to Singapore, the left side of my face was swollen like a
    football. Went to see a doctor in Australia and it was diagnosed as Otitis
    Externa due to cabin pressure.
    Got back to Italy and my head felt like it would explode and the ear pain
    was unbelievable.
    Saw my doctor in London, and she prescribed ear drops, but a week later she
    told me to stop using them, and plug my ears when washing my hair so no
    water would get in.
    Did this for a few weeks and the Otitis started to ease off, and then lol,
    I caught a massive cold, a real stinker, and wound up with an inflamed and
    blocked gland in my throat, and my old chum Tinnitus came back with a
    vengeance lol.
    Stopped playing in bands in 2007, (too bloody old to be humping gear about
    lol), and by now the Tinnitus was roaring.
    Well I’ve had it in both ears now for 15 years, and it’s LOUD, bloody LOUD,
    and though I agree that the loud music certainly didn’t help, nor did the
    Otitis, I believe in my case at least that it was those 2 bad colds that
    triggered my Tinnitus.
    I still have the swollen gland as treatment on the British National Health
    Service wasn’t available at the time, however I’m looking into it soon.
    Thing is, I did get used to the loud ringing plus my partner is also a
    musician and we have 32 instruments between us here in the flat and are
    always playing, so there’s always noise around, but the Tinnitus has become
    much much worse and louder in the past 2 months, so now I need to see my
    doctor as it’s becoming unbearable, and I’m now getting a feeling of
    “pressure” in both ears.
    If I do manage to get something done about it, however slight, I’ll post
    here just in case it may be of help to others in some way.
    Thanks for your video mate, and yeah, like soooooo many others, I know what
    you’re going through.
    Chin up :-)

  • Leon Alim says:

    I’m hearing it right now. Its been going on for 10 minutes. I THINK that
    for me, it is because of too much caffeine I have been consuming lately.
    That is the only lifestyle change I have made and it is listed as one of
    the causes on webmd.
    Thank you for sharing your story!

  • Luke Symmons says:

    Damn tinnitus avoiding birds!

  • Dattaraj Punekar says:


  • Jeff Davis says:

    I wouldn’t wish tinnitus on anyone

  • Sephiko says:

    Mine started on October 6, 2012. I had enough anxiety and stress

  • ATAJD says:

    No vitamins or supplements have been tested as actual treatments for
    tinnitus – and there are a lot of snake oil salesman out there preying upon
    tinnitus sufferers. That’s why ATA is focused on funding research for a
    cure for this condition – through scientifically backed and sound studies.

  • TheCondemnedProphet says:

    I dunno what caused my tinnitus. All i nkwo is that its getting worse every
    week. 2 months ago i couldn’t hear it over hte bathroom fan. Now i can hear
    it over it. Last summer i could live with it easily. I wouldn’t even worry
    about it. But now, i hear it everywhere unless i’m busy (playing sports,
    with my friends etc.) I just dunno what to do. Im 16 and I just feel as
    though my life hasn’t started and never will because of this loud buzzing
    in my head. Why me? But then i suppose y every1 else?

  • Gary K says:

    It would be great to know just how they helped William Shatner. I realize
    there are a number of different methods/techniques suggested to reduce the
    intensity of tinnitus, but each case example can be helpful to those who
    share a similar condition that induced tinnitus (like an audible trauma
    that Shatner experienced on the set of Star Trek).

  • Biggerbyte says:

    Dear God bring a cure soon. We are all suffering. I’ve given up everything
    in my life that used to make me happy. This noise controls my life.

  • gschupfter says:

    It is.. Is it gone now? greets from austia

  • Bertie Bassett says:

    agreed, a gem of a man

  • Burrito Sandwich says:

    I’m 15, and I have a hissing noise in my ear. My life isn’t exposured to
    loud noises. I think I got it because I listened to my iPod alot, but I
    usually had it at 25% – 50%. Can I do something to take it away. I only get
    in the mornings after waking up, barely during the day, and sometimes at

  • Biggerbyte says:

    I have it some days really bad. It is so loud right now I can’t stand it.
    It is also painful, and loud noises make my ear canals pulse. I’m so
    distraught and disappointed. It has been about three months now. I have no
    idea how I got this. It is difficult to stay positive, because it effects
    everything I do, day, and night. Somebody help me… PLEASE!!!

  • TheChadster4 says:

    Many severe tinnitus sufferer’s are being denied their disability claims by
    their disability insurance carriers. Please sign the petition to stop this
    at CHANGE.ORG. Once logged onto all you have to do is type in
    the word MetLife and the petition will come up. Thank you.

  • MsLucy2012 says:

    Thanks Bill. Its good to be in such good company. Tinnitis is constant
    torture! Shout out to all my fellow sufferers!

  • HelloMrZebra says:

    That’s how I feel. I only noticed it originally when I put earplugs in.
    It’s not that noticeable but if there’s no other sounds I’ll notice it. But
    this started happening just recently, in the last few months.

  • ATAJD says:

    this is very common and many people who are not chronically affected only
    notice the tinnitus in silence. It’s because there are no competing sounds
    coming into your auditory system to help mask the tinnitus. You are not
    crazy. But the ringing is also not just the sound of silence.

  • RonnieJ5 says:

    I love this guy. I’ve never been a huge of his work (I just haven’t seen
    any of it), but I’m a huge fan of who he his as a person.

  • MsLucy2012 says:

    I use an air purifier too. Masks the howling sounds in my head somewhat –
    and clean air – bonus!

  • ATAJD says:

    @utube3215 There are treatments that work for many people but not everyone.
    You can read more about existing therapies on the American Tinnitus
    Association’s website at ATA dot org. ATA also funds research in the
    pursuit of a cure. By becoming an ATA member you are directly helping to
    find that cure.


    40% of tinnitus in adults is caused by use of benzo’s and glutamatergic
    damage from over active glutamate in the brain. Also vets are given XANAX
    for PTSD by the VA which also causes tinnitus.

  • TheMeanSgtPlaysPiano says:

    I’ve been hearing a constant ringing in my left ear for 3 days now all
    because I was playing with a mint container in my hand while I was watching
    something and it was next to my ear. I kept closing and opening the lid and
    it made my ear pop once. I stopped and was like “Oh well, it’ll go away.”
    but it hasn’t yet. Is this Tinnitus?

  • A Murphy Sharp says:

    I have to agree with this thought process.


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