So, what is tinnitus?

Tinnitus is the name used to describe various noises heard, usually ringing in the ears, this can be heard in one or both ears. Many people experience noises of all kinds, though it is usually described by most sufferers as a ringing in the ears or a buzzing, whistling, humming or high-pitched screaming.

Mild tinnitus has also been described as sounding like crickets, locusts, beeping, songs or like the sound of the waves. This sound can be permanent or can come and go.

Mostly, this sound is heard in a quiet environment and people often report hearing it when they are trying to sleep. In some more severe cases, people can hear the ringing in the ears above the noise of the world around them. Tinnitus is difficult to measure because it is described as subjective, meaning only the person experiencing it can hear it. There is no source for the sound.

Tinnitus is not a disease or an illness, it is a symptom of an underlying cause for tinnitus. Nevertheless, mild tinnitus is not pleasant. However, severe tinnitus can really affect a person and their quality of life. Tinnitus, in its more severe forms can be very distressing for the affected person, an inability to sleep is just one of the reasons why it is so exasperating.

What causes tinnitus?

As mentioned before, tinnitus is not an illness but a symptom of something else. There are many possible underlying causes for tinnitus. The truth is, there are far too many to list here but I will detail the most common causes. The number one cause for tinnitus is exposure to excessively loud noises. Other causes for tinnitus are ear infections, wax or foreign objects in the ear and nose allergies which can cause wax build-up.

Tinnitus is also a side effect of some medication such as aspirin, some antibiotics and other drugs. Tinnitus can come about gradually or all of a sudden and it is thought to be related to a physical or mental change that has taken effect in a person’s life. This could be stress over losing a job or could come about if you are worrying about something. Relax, because tinnitus is often said to get worse if you become stressed. The good news is, tinnitus is rarely a symptom of a serious illness. If you are still concerned, go and talk to your doctor to find out the causes for your tinnitus.

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There are two types of tinnitus: subjective and objective tinnitus. Subjective tinnitus is very common. It is a type of tinnitus wherein only the sufferer hears the sound produced by the condition. On the other hand, objective tinnitus, the rare type, is characterized by tinnitus-produced sounds and noise also heard by other people. For example, a doctor can use a stethoscope to hear the noise. This is such a disturbing condition as it usually indicates the presence of serious underlying condition such as cardiovascular problems. This tinnitus is prevalent in 3% of all tinnitus cases.

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People suffering from objective tinnitus describe their condition as hearing rhythmic, low humming, thumping, or clicking noise synchronized with their breathing or heartbeat. Thus, it is also called the pulsatile tinnitus. Therefore, a person can acquire relief not only when the tinnitus sounds are eradicated but also when the medical condition accompanying it is treated.

There are major causes of objective tinnitus. First, it can be caused by the sudden changes in the flow of blood in the arteries or veins in the ear. This often results to thumping sounds heard in the ear. Second, it can be caused by the heightened sensitivity to the sounds and noise from the blood flow in the ears. This makes a person prone to hearing tinnitus sounds. In some few cases, this type of tinnitus may indicate the presence of a fatal medical condition like aneurysm. Therefore, the patient’s condition must be diagnosed correctly to pin down the possible factors causing the tinnitus sounds heard by the sufferer.

The clinical investigation of this condition involves analyzing the patient’s medical history to check for prior cardiovascular conditions. The doctor may suggest that the patient undergoes CT scan, magnetic resonance angiography (MRA), magnetic resonance scanning (MRI), angiography, and ultrasound. These tests and examinations show the images of blood flow and blood vessels thereby helping the doctor identify the main problem. The doctor may also do some blood tests to check if the patient has anemia.

Relief against objective tinnitus depends mainly on the primary condition, which upon identification must receive immediate treatment. For example, if the cause of the condition is hypertension, it must be treated by taking medication that can lower the blood pressure, diet change, and lifestyle modification.

Patients suffering from pulsatile tinnitus should avoid the following:

• High sodium diet
• High fat diet
• Alcohol
• Caffeine-laden beverages
• Stress
• smoking

Cholesterol and high fat have always been linked to atherosclerosis, one cause of pulsatile tinnitus. Therefore, they must be avoided. Salt increases the fluid retention in body tissues, causing the blood pressure to rise. Caffeine is a stimulant that elevates the heart rate and blood pressure. Alcohol can alter the fluid balance in the body, thereby causing imbalance in the inner ear fluid. Stress triggers tinnitus symptoms. It is important to manage anxiety and fatigue to prevent the tinnitus from becoming severe. Keep in mind that the path to acquiring relief against objective tinnitus also involves alternative remedies, relaxation, and cognitive-behavioral therapy.

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