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If you’re reading this article there is a good possibility that you have that “sound” companion – Tinnitus. I understand all too well that constant noise and ringing in my ears. The ringing is described in a wide variety of descriptions, depending soley on one’s personal “sound” companion — humming, buzzing, roaring, crickets in the ear, and that’s just getting warmed up.

Just for starters, let’s look at an abridged definition from Wikipedia.

Tinnitus (pronounced /tinaites/ or /tinites/, from the Latin word tinni-tus meaning “ringing”) is the perception of sound within the human ear in the absence of corresponding external sound.”

Tinnitus seems to be a symptom rather than a disease in itself. The causes are numerous including such things as: high blood pressure; wax or other foreign objects in the ear; past injuries; certain medication such as aspirin; and many others too numberous to mention.

According to one acclaimed expert, 95% of cases of Tinnitus treated by him, is caused by only 4 main causes and they each have a homeopathic remedy.


There seems to be a consensus among health practicioners and nutricionists that although there is no cure for Tinnitus, there are effective treatments that give relief. However, there is a big “if” attached to reliefs offered, that being that it is necessary to find the cause of the Tinnitus in the first place. In other words, not everyone’s Tinnitus is treatable by the same “potion”.

For an example, when my blood pressure is up, my ears ring. When it is under control, they don’t, so in my case Atenolol seems to provide the remedy. Another example is that the continual use of Aspirin can cause Tinnitus is some folks. The remedy is also obvious in this case, cease the use of Aspirin. I think you get my drift, thus If you have foreign matter in your ear have it removed.

Obviously, the most difficult remedy to diagnose is if the ringing is caused by a past injury. In many of these cases, more sophisticated methods may need to be used, and many times there is a trade off between the condition and the treatment. For some, the cure is worse than the disease.

This also is true of many with hearing loss, whether caused by the natural progression of age or an accident. It seems people with hearing loss have a very high incidence of Tinnitus.

I guess the crux of this article is that the most important thing you can do to find relief is to first identify the underlying cause. Once you know the root cause – and many do not – then you can proceed to pursue the relief.

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My name is John Bland. I am 63 years old, the husband of one wife for 39 years. I have 4 grown, well adjusted children.

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