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If you have a constant ringing in your ears, otherwise known as tinnitus, you may be already be suffering from another disease or illness that could be one of the root causes of tinnitus. There can be many causes of the noises you are hearing, and there may be a cure, depending upon the type of tinnitus that you have.

Objective Tinnitus
Objective tinnitus, which normally is caused by a medically treatable illness, can usually be cured by your medical doctor. If the ringing that you hear has come on suddenly, you should see your physician as soon as possible to determine if your tinnitus is curable. You could have an infection, or a wax build-up. Both of these are easily treatable.

Subjective Tinnitus
The vast majority of those who have ringing or whistling noises have a condition known as “subjective tinnitus.” This condition normally can’t be treated medically, and the sufferer usually resorts to either living with the condition, or finds some sort of alternative treatment.

Loud Noises Can Cause Tinnitus
One of the most common causes of ear ringing is exposure to loud noises. Loud music (personal music devices like ipods can be especially damaging), the constant thrum of industrial machinery, or explosions can damage sensitive parts of your hearing, and this can contribute to permanent tinnitus.

Always protect your hearing when around loud noises – use ear plugs or headphones to keep your hearing intact.

The Aging Process Takes Its Toll
Some genetic hearing diseases can leave you vulnerable to tinnitus. The brain, in the absence of auditory signals from damaged hearing, can add its own noises – these are the whistling, screeching and ringing noises you hear. Then there’s the aging process, in the absence of any identifiable disease. Cellular breakdown and other deterioration of the body can be responsible for a “natural” progression to tinnitus.

In cases like this, modern hearing aids can be of great help. Of course, see your physician first to get an accurate diagnosis of your hearing problem. Then, you may be referred to an audiologist to have your hearing tested, and be fitted with a hearing device. For many tinnitus sufferers, the hearing aids provide immediate relief.

Meniere’s Disease
Meniere’s disease is an abnormality of the inner ear that can cause many symptoms, including vertigo or severe dizziness, tinnitus, hearing loss, and the sensation of pressure or pain in the afflicted ear. The disease normally affects only one ear at a time and is a common cause of hearing loss.

Meniere’s disease cannot be cured, but the symptoms can be treated. Make sure you visit your physician if you have any of these symptoms, as there may be some medical treatment for your tinnitus.

Keep Your Blood Pressure In Check
High blood pressure, and artery disease can cause the blood vessels in the inner ear to become blocked – resulting in low blood flow to the ear. Sometimes, the blood vessels can become so blocked that pulsatile tinnitus results. Pulsatile tinnitus can make a pulsing, whooshing sound that matches your heartbeat. If you have this symptom, again visit your doctor for an accurate diagnosis, and get appropriate treatment.

Medicines Can Cause Tinnitus
Common, over-the-counter medications can be responsible for the ringing noises you hear. NSAIDS like aspirin and ibuprofen, if taken regularly and in large enough doses can definitely cause hearing problems. The same can be said of Pepto-Bismol, a popular upset stomach remedy. There are over 200 medications that have been proven to be responsible for causing tinnitus.

Take Good Care Of Yourself
Here’s the easiest thing you can do for those irritating noises that you’re hearing – take good care of yourself. Eat a proper, healthful and balanced diet. Get plenty of rest. Have a regular program of vigorous exercise that includes cardio and strength exercises.

Try and keep your stress levels low. There is a direct correlation between stress levels and disease – and tinnitus can be caused or increased by excess stress levels.

Even if your tinnitus can’t be cured by conventional means, following the advice shown above can certainly help lower the intensity, if not outright get rid of the noises altogether. Be persistent in your quest for relief from your tinnitus – there are many alternative treatments available today that have provided relief to millions. Hopefully, you can add your name to this list as well.

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Is there a cure for lifelong tinnitus?
Medical doctors would tell you that in some situations yes, some situations no. For some suffers of the condition, there is medical treatment that can help you. If you have a form that occurs from a buildup of wax or from an inner ear infection, this can lead to improvement by simply clearing up the problem.
Some individuals with tinnitus caused by tumors or problems with the blood vessels in the ear could also have these conditions treated, which in turn would improve the tinnitus.
Those who suffer from damage to hearing cells would hear that there is no cure. They may be wrong, though.
Treatment Is Out There
There are many ways to improve your tinnitus. There is no single cure that works for everyone, but there may be some ways to greatly improve your hearing and quality of life. Here are some ways to do that, no medications required!

Take care of yourself! A healthy diet and good exercise can be a good place to start. Build from the foundation up and eating a diet rich in antioxidants and organic food is the base.
Choose to relax and de-stress more often. Relaxing can help you to see a reduction in the noise levels. Yoga and meditation are good forms of relaxation methods that can help. Stress will worsen your condition so remove yourself from stressful situations as much as possible.
Improve health conditions such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Avoid bad habits like smoking and drinking too much caffeine, too. These can also reduce the significance of the tinnitus.
Get counseling and talk about your condition with your doctor. Get to a point of understanding that this may be a long term, lifelong condition to deal with.

These methods can help improve your quality of life drastically. If you are suffering from tinnitus, you may be looking for more answers…to cure lifelong tinnitus!
Is There More Help?
There is more help. Make it a point to use all natural and holistic medications, supplements and treatments to improve your condition. Tinnitus suffers have benefited from using these treatment options for hundreds of years. You can as well. While doctors may tell you that there is little to do to improve your condition, you know better. Learn about holistic treatments that can help you.

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